Electrical Engineering


Create globally acceptable Electrical Engineering Technologists to excel their skills in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

  • Provide the environment where industry oriented education is imparted through systematic Teaching and Learning process in interaction with industry and Alumni.
  •  Develop value based system of Education by offering well balanced programme of instruction, Practical Experience and giving opportunities for overall personality development.
  • Create lifelong learning by enhancing the knowledge base and skills necessary to contribute to the improvement of their profession and community.

Our Staff

1 Ganesh Hegde B.E(E&E) COORDINATOR 01/08/1990 34 YEARS
2 P. D. Junedi M.Tech. SGL 06/08/1997 27 YEARS
3 Rajashekhar B.Naik B.E(E&E) SGL 01/12/1998 26 YEARS
4 Sanchala  N.Jadhav B.E(E&E) LECT. 01/08/2012 12 YEARS
5 Anup Pawashe M.Tech. LECT. 02/11/2022 2 YEARS
6 Sagar R Rangdal DEE Instructor 02/08/1998 26 YEARS
7 Mahesh P Nandurkar DEE Assist Instructor 01/12/2000 24 YEARS
8 Pramod Koulgi JOC Mechanic 01/08/1996 28 YEARS
9 Amit Badamanji JOC Mechanic 01/12/2000 24 YEARS
10 P.K.Desai SSLC Helper 01/08/1991 33 YEARS
11 Ashok Yalge SSLC Helper 01/09/1991 33 YEARS
12 Hanumant Hajjgolkar SSLC Helper 01/08/1999 25 YEARS

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

(After 2/3 years of graduation, the students will have the ability to) Electrical Engineering Programme is committed to transform students into competent professionals, responsible citizens. On completing the diploma programme, the students should have acquired the following characteristics.

  • To Excel in Electrical & Electronics Engineering programme and apply to other diverse fields that require professional skills.
  • To contribute Electrical &Electronics Engineering skills in the field ethically.
  • To promote students to continue to pursue professional development including continuing or advanced education relevant to and their career growth and to create enthusiasm for lifelong learning.